The Story of Marriage Declassified

Michael Warren is the author of Marriage Declassified “A non-clinical and non-clerical answer to what am I getting into?” It is a highly sought after resource for guys who are trying to figure out how to be the best husband they can possibly be. If ever there was a playbook for the clueless and frustrated, this has got to be it.

Michael has been married to his wife Wendy for over 12 years and they have managed to build an extraordinary relationship. They are also the proud parents of two amazing daughters. They had many conversations when they were dating about the possibilities of having a better relationship than many of those they saw growing up. A long distance scenario prompted many hours on the phone learning about each other which ultimately led to a great friendship.

Michael and Wendy got married an eighteen month courtship and started their new life. It wasn’t long before Michael realized that among all the things he learned about his bride there was a ton he didn’t know about his own station in the marriage. The first year was rocky due to pride, ignorance, unpreparedness you name it. However, after a few years he began to make some observations that were game changers.

That insight is what Marriage Declassified is all about. Learning your position and then excelling at it. The value is in being able to minimize the static at home and demonstrating to your wife that her world is safe with you. With that comes the coveted “Respect” that all guys desire.

Michael is taking his message to the streets in an effort to impact families and communities. He believes that Great relationships are forged by great actions that are rooted in great choices. He has left no stone unturned in his attempts to help his fellow man. Everyone deserves a safe place to come home to where who you are is not only accepted, but expected. Marriage Declassified points to that possibility.

Michael Warren decided to write Marriage Declassified after having a major revelation in his life. He says “I was horribly prepared for marriage and it began to show up in every aspect of my relationship.” He also realized that he wasn’t the only one. There was a clear need for a “field manual to help guys get a great start in the most important roles of their lives.” So he became the help that he needed. He knows that frustration and discouragement await any guy who doesn’t understand what will be required of him. Marriage Declassified lays it all out perfectly so men can make informed decisions about how to navigate through their marriages.

Michael says that “he hasn’t met a guy yet, who doesn’t want to get it right.” They all just want someone to tell them what to do. For many, the only obstacles to success are a simple set of principles that will help shape his perspective to one that lends itself to being effective. He also states that men are unaware of the many ways to be actively engaged in their relationships. Reactivity is no way to exist in a relationship of this nature. Going on the offensive and being proactive about meeting the needs of the family will fundamentally alter the culture and energy in a man’s home. The possibility of happiness is there for us all, Michael encourages every guy he meets to “stop waiting on permission to be great.”