An open letter to our Black Sons of the past, present, and future:

Learned awareness from our Black Father of the past times:

There is no amount of visible or audible expression of gratitude that I could express as an appreciation for all you have done for our current generations. It was by your ancestral faith and persistent dedication that we could be who you envisioned us to be today.  There is no amount of tangible reimbursement that could be re-payed for the blood and sacrifice that you shed in advance for us to walk in the imprints of your footsteps today. I am so paused with awe as I reflect in the transcendental sight that you embraced in order to ensure that your sons and daughters would have the chance to live today. It was your fight to retain your essence in order that we have a chance to remember what was stolen today. I am forever grateful for your ever-loving celestial presence as we continue to journey through today towards tomorrow. You must have known that we could never forget you if we are to become whole. Thank you for never relinquishing sight of the life that we speak today.

Teaching awareness through our Black Man of the present moment:

Take the adversity and pain that the world attempts to chain you with to forge your future. You are not discredited no matter what the world tells you. We know who you are. You are the Alpha to my Beta. The Omega to my Delta. Together we join the ancestrial essence, as 1 + 2 will ultimately equate to 3. It is your voice that will be heard through the grape vine. Speak Life. It is your touch that will reach the hearts and minds of the sons to come. Feel deeply. Sometimes it seems to takes the world a bit longer to catch up with your potential. This does not mean that you are atypical, but that you transcend the time of this world. Your essence has walked this earth long before you were aware of your own footsteps. Our forefather was so adamant about your existence that he transcended time on your behalf to ensure your safe journey through. How could you not do the same for our sons to come? It will be by your blood and your sacrifice that our sons will lead nations toward peace.  We will stand in motion together as we go back for our black sons.

Applying awareness for our Black Son of the future to come:

We have taught you to walk this earth in a state of awoken awareness. We believe that you will transcend this world in every moment that you exist. We know who you were created to be. You are made up of the very essence of your forefathers; the very essence that makes up every cell and every aspect of the universe. In your very genetic makeup lies the blueprint of Life, Black Carbon, the Alpha and Omega, Jehovah, Yahweh, and the ONE. We have faith that you will bring peace.



A Deeply Melanated Queen

Submitted by:  Winifred Bedford, Tennessee State University Doctoral Student