Rebrand The Black Man Blog / News (Welcome)

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit Rebrand The Black Man (RTBM). Rebrand The Black Man (RTBM) has been diligently at work creating a space that celebrates Black men all around the world. RTBM’s News / Blog will feature Black men of all shades from all regions of the globe who are impacting their local, regional, and global community in a positive way. Much of what’s seen throughout various forms of media does little to accurately depict the role Black males play, and have played, in the progression of modern day society. RTBM truly believes that Black history is everybody’s history, and we are here to highlight Black men and the women who love them. RTBM is built on the ideology that BESIDE every good King is a supportive Queen (Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, etc.), and every Queen represents the gateway to life. As we progress forward we ask that readers spread the word about RTBM, continue to be exemplars for the world to see, and forward interesting individuals, along with their contributions, to us for “feature” consideration. In the meantime support our movement buy purchasing T-Shirts and checking in on the website for new “Black Men and the Women who love them” featured guest.

Dr. Thurman E. Webb Jr.
Founder / Visionary